about TV ministry


TELEVISION MINISTRIES –  Our television programs from Tel Aviv, Israel, cover over 135 nations  in the Middle East, Asia, China, India, all 10x40 windows, Europe,  Scandinavia, the Former USSR, North of Africa, USA, Canada, Caribbean’s,  Australia, and South America. People sent letters of testimonies of  their salvation from Tajikistan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Ireland, Spain,  France, Italy, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Italy, Estonia, Slovenia,  Austria, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Russia, Israel, Turkey,  China, United States, Uzbekistan, and other countries. Through our  Ukrainian headquarters informed that over 1,000,000 homes are watching  our television programs regularly. There are much more people who are  watching programs in persecuted countries that can’t send us any  latter’s. Thousands of people receive salvation and deliverance, broken  hearts were healed.


Letters from people, who watch Slavik’s TV programs.
Makibek from Kyrgyzstan. - Dear  Pastor Slavik. We all the time are watching your preaching in our home  with my family. My mother-in-law one evening during this  message starting weeping and pray first time in her entire life. Now we  pray together. Thank you
Salifah, Dushanbe Tajikistan. - We  are blessed, when we see you’re preaching, especially to youth and to  mass on the streets. In our country we don't see the same. One day we  went to the village in the mountains. Our friends starting sharing with  us: "Oh, you know, Salifah, now we have church service in our home. How?  I asked? Because of television" she said. Thank you very much
Azerbaijan, Niko - Please,  don't stop address message to our nation via television. It’s only one  way to visit every village and the cities. You don't understand  how great your impact for Azerbaijan and country’s around Caspian Sea  is. Thank you 
Mariya Litinova -  Kaunas, Lithuania. Thanks God for opportunity to watch your programs  and listen to your strong massages. With great Kaunas, Lithuania  pleasure I receive spiritual food for my mind and spirit.
Oleg Grinberg –  Linz, Austria. I’m located in Austria between Russian speaking people; I  want to be a missionary. I would love to study in your video bible  school. I feel a calling to preach. 

Tamara Avkentyeva –  Severo Uralsk, Russia. I sent a letter from North of Russia. I watch  your television program. Through your television program I got saved few  years ago. Please pray for my children so that they get saved. I’ll be  very thankful if you can send me a pocket square so that I may place it  on my sons. 

Irina Golovanova –  Cherepovets, Russia. Great thanks for your wonderful preaching for our  nation. It’s very understood for our mentality. Please send me some  Christian Literature. Thank you!
Antonina Kalvina –  Safonovo, Russia. My name is Antonina; my husband is 39 years of age. I  have 2 small children and all the time I watch your programs and I  can’t wait to see you’re another program. I want to know more about God,  please send me your preaching and Christian literature with bible.
Larisa Kobiletska –  Belgorod, Russia. I have a very difficult life and no one can help me. I  watch your television program and I turned to God. I ask to please send  me a Bible and New Testament.
Tatyana Kovalchuk –  Liepaja, Latvia. Every time I watch your television programs. I thank  you for them and all your coworkers. I very much like your emotional  programs with the power.
Zhanna Lohkaya – Svetlogorsk, Belorussia. Thank you very for great teachings, they are very useful for spiritual food for Belorussian people.
Galina Lozhechnik –  Grodno, Belorussia. Writing to you a non-Christian person. I don’t  understand a lot about your massage but after watching them they help me  spiritually. Please send me some of your video massages and bibles.
Mirzikan Gubik –  Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Dear Slavik, I heard your opening new churches. I  really would like for you to come and open a new church in our city. A  lot of our people are watching your programs and they would come to join  together.
Anna Nahaychova –  Mogilev, Belorussia. Dear Slavik, by watching television program I  receive a great blessings. I thank God for great fire of revival in  Ukraine. We pray so it would be the same in Belorussia.
Nadezhda Nechiporuk –  Kishinev, Moldova. I’m retired 61 women. All time I’m watching your  television program and I got saved. Now I would like to ask if you can  please say a pray for my son’s so that would get saved. Thank you!
Vera Sorokina –  Klocha, Estonia. Good day to you blessed Slavik! With big joy and great  temper I can’t wait for another program to come. We always watch your  programs.

Vera Chuvasheva –  Purga, Republic Udmurtiya, Russia. Dear Slavik, I always watch your  television programs. One time I saw your television program when you and  Natasha were talking about video Bible school. I’m a lady and I opened a  new church and in our church are only woman. I’m 63 years of age and  I’m asking you to please help us to have a video bible school in our  church because we want to preach in different villages.
Mariya Churilo –  Glina, Belorussia. Peace to you dear Slavik. With great temper I wait  for your television programs. Because I receive a great blessing, I want  to preach to others to be in Kingdom of God.
Mariya Shildya –  Valmiyera, Latvia. Good day dear Slavik and your coworkers. I always  pray for you and your television programs to be a blessing to millions  of people.
Vera Shpot –  Omsk, Russia. I’m 88 years of age. I came to Christ but my children are  not saved, please pray for them so that would repent. Please send me  spiritual literature. Big thanks for your preaching.