distributing BIBLES

  1.  Ukraine is located in the center of Europe. All this years, Ukraine played a big role in the Former Soviet Union. In the 70 years of the communism era evangelical Christians ware persecuted. Thousands of believers were sent to Siberia as prisoners. The propaganda of atheism was destroying spiritual values but Ukrainian people was reaching to God, bible. In communism time bibles were illegal. If found a bible in home or anywhere else, police would arrest and place in prison from 3-5 years. When freedom came in 1987, evangelical Christians from underground churches became very active in preaching a Good News in Ukraine and other republics in the Former USSR. Ukraine sent missionaries too many nations. In Ukraine the population is 45,500.000 million people. By statistics over 25,000 villages and small cities don’t even have any kind of church, millions of Ukrainian citizens never held a bible in their hands. Many young people are very active in missions work on the field. In this year alone in Ukraine is very difficult time politically but on other hand people are moved towards to God. The Ukraine is divided by 25 different districts “included Crimea”. Our missionaries organized from 2-3 teams in every district to go from village to village, from city to city and distribute New Testaments to those people. When they witness and give out those bibles and then pray for salvation of those people. Missionary’s teams received on hand over 120,000 from 140,000 New Testaments. So far they covered already 17,920 villages. Missionaries prayed for thousands of people for salvation. Missionary’s started over 75 new churches. 




Total distributed: 110,000 copies (still have 30,000 copies in our storage). Over 60 mission teams held crusades and small group of meetings in 18,320 villages and small cities. They pray for salvation with more than 570,000 people.


The Gospel changed my life!

 My name is Natalia. I was born in a non-Christian family and was raised by my mother. She never told me about God, while she was attending an Orthodox church in neighboring village. I have never heard about Christians earlier because there were no such people in our village. Today I know that God had a plan to save me. I thank my Jesus that he brought missionaries to our village who came to our house and gave the Gospel. This book changed my life and the life of my mother. Today we worship God with her and preach about him to our villagers.