Children's camps

  To capture the hearts of children, you need to give them time. The Bible says a lot about the importance of raising children and leading them in the right direction, and it was Jesus Christ who told that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to children. But what about street children, orphans, or those children whose families don't know God? Who will tell them about God or guide them to the right path? 

For this purpose, churches and missionaries have started ministry to children. 

Such kind of ministry as children's camps has become very popular in the past 10 years. One-, three-, or five-day camps are a great opportunity for children from unbelieving families, as well as for orphans, to not only relax for free and have fun, but to get to know God through fellowship with teachers, studying Christian songs, watching Bible performances, as well as through a personal Bible, which each child usually receives as a gift at the end of the camp. 

According to statistics, more than 20% of parents of all these children come to the Lord through their children. We believe that by working with children and adolescents, a new generation of young people will serve God and dedicate their lives to the missionary work. 

Donating for children's camps is the same as sowing grain, which will eventually germinate and bear fruit.

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