Church Buildings

 After the fall of the Soviet Union, Ukraine experienced a great revival, which was one of the strongest, most successful and longest revivals in Ukraine. Its effectiveness was so high that 40-50% of the population of many villages and towns came to God in a few years. Realizing that times were changing, and taking advantage of religious freedom, the Church of Jesus Christ finally came out of the underground and began to accept thousands of new people into its ranks. This led to the opening of churches and construction of church buildings. Understanding the economic crisis of Ukraine, missions from abroad came to help their Ukrainian brothers and sisters, since their economic development at that time was at a much higher level. Without individual consecrated people of God, as well as missions, Ukraine would have never had hundreds of new houses of prayer. A few years ago, the strategy of building large churches was replaced by the construction of modular mobile houses of prayer, especially in those communities where people began to turn to God through missionary work. Modular mobile houses require less money, but give more time to lead human souls to Jesus Christ.