Since those distant 80’s and to this day, our missionaries have been preaching the Gospel. 

Over 90% of people who came to pray for repentance were young. Young people are seeking God, and spiritual vacuum in the hearts of the young generation is filling with faith. New churches emerge in the Eastern Ukraine. We distributed Bibles, humanitarian aid, food and held meetings in dangerous areas. For the last years God has helped us to open 630 new churches in many countries. Much can be said about active grace of God, the power of His words, wonderful testimonies of salvation and healing, but all I want to say is this: thank you for your prayer support during the harvest time. 

All glory belongs only to the Lord.

Your donation support worldwide ministry

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Throughout the world, children are orphaned, abandoned, abused, or neglected. You can help redeem the life of a precious child with a gift to provide a month of food, shelter, and education through an indigenous ministry.

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God’s Word  has to be a lamp for his feet and light to his path (Psalm 119:105). Today, you can help shine God’s light on the paths of people stumbling in darkness. 

$10 provides 2 Bibles

$20 provides 4 Bibles

$25 provides 5 Bibles

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We create christian radio almost 20 years. 

Lives are being touched and changed by our radio ministry.  Even in the middle of the night when people cannot sleep, the radio can spreads the Good News of God’s love behind closed doors to people who need Him.

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Support Missionaries

Missionary work is the most important tool for spreading the Gospel to every corner of the world. When the Soviet Union broke up, Ukraine became the cradle of missionary work, sending out its young Christians to carry the Good News to people who wandered in darkness without God. The young brothers and sisters were not experienced, but they had a great desire in their hearts to preach the Gospel. The wave of revival in the early 1990s marked the beginning of a new life with Jesus Christ for hundreds of thousands of people in Ukraine and the countries of the former Soviet Union and shook the whole world. God encouraged some to go and preach, and others to bless and support those on the front lines. Thousands of missionaries can continue serving God and people thanks to the financial support of the Global Aid. 

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Our mission is to take the message of Jesus Christ to nations that are hostile to The Gospel, working with local bodies of believers to support and grow the spiritual and physical transformation of lives. We teach and encourage Christian Living and Witness, and encourage and engage Christian communities to pursue heavenly justice and healing in response to a sinful and treacherous world. It is our intention that offenders are ultimately transformed, relationships are reconciled, and communities restored through our Witness.

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We create wide variety of Christian programs designed for audiences of all ages, and at all levels of interest in Christianity.  

Many of our videos  are ideal for showing to people who have little or no experience of faith. Our aim is to present Christianity in an objective free style with high production values.

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A few years ago, the strategy of building large churches was replaced by the construction of modular mobile houses of prayer, especially in those communities where people began to turn to God through missionary work. Modular mobile houses require less money, but give more time to lead human souls to Jesus Christ. 

Let us help support build church buildings.

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Those who have ever been hungry and thirsty will be able to know the real price of bread and water.  Because of the economic crisis and Worldwide pandemic, Ukraine became at the board of humanitarian catastrophic. 

Thousands families and millions children have to looking for food every day. People barely make ends meet and live daily in fear of tomorrow. 

Luckily, there are  people who help them find and bring people bread, clothes and shoes. All these people has brave name - Christians!

Hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid, organized by Christian missions and donations of individuals, still extend a helping hand to all those who find themselves in terrible life circumstances and in XXI century in the Center of Europe still need bread for every day.

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According to statistics, more than 20% of parents of all these children come to the Lord through their children. We believe that by working with children and adolescents, a new generation of young people will serve God and dedicate their lives to the missionary work. 

Donating for children's camps is the same as sowing grain, which will eventually germinate and bear fruit.

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 Spring and summer time is always very important for every members of the mission as each day we spent with kids at camps and meetings. With God’s help we were able to hold 67 kid’s camps for more than 10,000 children in 12 regions of Ukraine (including eastern regions). During these camps more than 1,000 Children bibles were distributed among kids. The money we receive for Bible publishing goes directly into the printing of more, quality text styles. 

If we each have a little part, great things can be accomplished in the production of the Word.

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The purpose of organizing conferences is to equip people for ministry in Christ's Church. For this we invite the professional speakers, ministers, working in missionary and educational organizations that can show the tools to evangelize, in particular in work with children, art and the sphere of public activity. 

All this should be developed, based on the Christian position.

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